can help you get a handle on where your challenges and strengths really lie, and I can work with you to get your life journey back on track. That means surpassing the grief, anxiety, or confusion which can hold you back. ​

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I have been working to help others become happier and more successful for over 30 years. You’re likely viewing this page because your life journey has been sideswiped by one dilemma or another. 

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This worldwide disaster has exposed so many of us to great loss. We can experience loss vicariously as we watch the news and see how many people are ill or dying. You may have loved ones who are at greater risk than yourself and feel helpless as you are separated by social distancing rules or simple geography. You may have reason to fear for the lives of yourself and your close family or friends. The inability to truly prevent infection or the ongoing effects on your income or future career prospects can create a sense of helplessness which can lead to hopelessness. These are often the precursors of depression. 

Individual, couples, and family counseling in Santa Clarita

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Tim Smyth, PsyD, MFT


The Coronavirus has hit our workplaces, neighborhoods, and families in a catastrophic manner. As you are forced to isolate and huddle in anticipation of developments regarding your job, income, and future, you will likely be beset by strong feelings of anxiety. The fear of poverty, illness, or death haunts many of us. Now, more than ever, you may need to talk with an expert about how to manage the fear and uncertainty. Even a period of social isolation can induce significant changes in your overall well-being. Being forced to stay at home with partners and children imposes enormous stresses on everyone in the household. 

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety. I use proven, evidence-based methods for taking control of runaway thoughts and feelings. 


I work with teenagers who have difficulty dealing with pressures at school, in the home, and in their social networks. They often benefit from a combination of individual and family therapy. I am a specialist in Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence. 


I have a solid track record of success with couples; this is due to my emphasis upon the improvement of communication. I employ methods in-session which become tools that couples can use at home and which usually result in rapid and positive change. 

  • ​​Depression and anxiety are strongly related; it’s unusual to experience one without a bit of the other.
  • I have extensive training and experience with treating both. I do this through the use of evidence-based practices which combine cognitive behavioral therapy with a highly solution-focused approach. I believe that enhancing mindfulness can be effective at beginning the process of empowerment. 

Other areas of my expertise include treatment for:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder​​

​Disruptive or distressed teenagers


Career problems

Marital/partner conflicts​ 

Gaming and ​Virtual Media Addiction