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All of my services are performed in a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere.​

​Recommitment and Conflict Resolution

I believe very strongly in helping couples rediscover, redefine, and enhance the loving bonds that originally brought them together. By ​rediscovering the attractive forces and those which contributed to the commitments which followed, I help couples build and strengthen a foundation upon which they continue to experience and discuss their evolving needs and concerns. 

People argue; I teach them how to keep such "discussions" manageable and productive.  I do this by focusing on giving people simple, memorable tools that they can apply in the course of communicating or "arguing" with their partners. These tools are largely communication-based and behavioral; for example, I teach partners to avoid the use of words or judgmental statements which typically trigger negative reactions in others that short-circuit problem-solving.

Couples Therapy

As a person travels through life phases such as lover, partner, spouse, parent, and grandparent, the roles and expectations can and do change in significant ways. If a husband or wife doesn't adjust their beliefs, attitudes, and expectations accordingly, friction and discontent often occur. It's also true that over the course of a relationship a number of resentments can build up. If not addressed properly, they can fuel or add to other relationship issues and create simmering hostility or outright war.

I employ current and individually tailored couples counseling techniques. I am highly effective at helping partners learn how to communicate their own motives, feelings, and beliefs in a way that encourages the support and understanding of others. I'm committed to helping people learn how to take control of things and to work better with parents, teachers, partners, or employers.

Tim Smyth, PsyD, MFT

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Times change, and so do we. We often begin to assume that we are "on the mark" with our partners but can be very wrong. That's where an expert relationship counselor can provide some perspective and help couples readjust their expectations and behaviors to meet life's challenges. ​