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​Solution Focused Therapy

I help family members identify the most important goals, needs, strengths, and barriers that they face. I then provide behavioral and communication-based tools that they can use to shift thoughts, feelings, and actions towards success.

Families face many challenges, from divorce, adoption, to trauma, or even the loss of a loved one. I can help your family clear the air, recover, and get rolling again. I am also a specialist in clinical issues associated with foster care and adoption.

Many of the problems that people experience develop within the family setting. It makes sense that the assessment and treatment of such problems would also occur in a family setting.

  I provide office-based and home-based services for families

Results-Oriented Family Therapy

Whether your family is intact, blended, or fractured, I can he​​lp you develop structure and harmony. I also teach tools that family members take away and use on a regular basis to maintain that harmony. 

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​​Few families, if any, are free of conflict and stress. Many families experience upheavals and struggl​es for power or resources. It is somewhat natural for family members to develop very different views on things. Through the application of evidence-based methods I can help you through the process of healing and strengthening. 

Both emotionally disturbed and gifted children can present a great challenge to family harmony. I help family members learn more about each other in a way that encourages respect, compassion, and cooperation.

Family sessions can be a good place to uncover and resolve underlying conflicts or parenting issues. I am a skilled mediator and have been very effective at being able to zero in on important problem areas and apply a solution-focused method for addressing them. 

Tim Smyth, PsyD, MFT