Other areas of my expertise include treatment for:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder​​

​Disruptive or distressed teenagers


Career problems

Marital/partner conflicts​ 

Gaming and ​Virtual Media Addiction

  • ​​Depression and anxiety are strongly related; it’s unusual to experience one without a bit of the other.
  • I have extensive training and experience with treating both. I do this through the use of evidence-based practices which combine cognitive behavioral therapy with a highly solution-focused approach. I believe that enhancing mindfulness can be effective at beginning the process of empowerment. 
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If you’re looking for a chance to take control of your life or to explore the causes of distress or conflict, you have come to the right place.

I have been working to help others become happier and more successful for over 28 years. You’re likely viewing this page because your life journey has been sideswiped by one dilemma or another. 

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It can seem that life is constantly throwing us curve-balls, presenting challenges and dilemmas on a daily basis. It's almost impossible to avoid the pain or devastation that comes with the loss of loved ones. We can forget that loss can also include a job, one’s former attractiveness, stamina, or health. Losses and sadness can accumulate and contribute to frustration and anger. I have learned that most angry people started out being disappointed and sad.

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You found this site for a reason: Call, text, or message me now for a free consultation! Don't wait for your problems to rise to Hurricane levels. 

can help you get a handle on where your challenges and strengths really lie, and I can work with you to get your life journey back on track. That means surpassing the grief, anxiety, or confusion which can hold you back. If there was one thing I've learned from those who seek my services is that they are, at the very least, looking for a compassionate someone to travel the path of their current dismay with them.  It's more than a burden shared, but, hopefully a healing journey. My exposure to Taoism and Buddhism have shaped my overall world view in a way that encourages me to offer true compassion and assistance with finding harmony in a troubled world.

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Tim Smyth, PsyD, MFT


We can also face the looming fear and anxiety that can come with normal changes in health or welfare that can be compounded by extra challenges. Small fears can snowball into larger ones due to our tendency to generalize and become sensitized to things.  A reprimand from a supervisor can turn into a whirlpool of “what-if’s” and sleepless nights.  A minor dog bite on the street can evolve into being homebound and unable to leave the house.


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